TERMANOLOGY - Friday The 13th lyrics

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Give me some of that old gangsta shit

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed

Put it up to the side of his head

Say party...sure gonna miss ya

I'm dismiss ya, legal and twisted

Then I go twist up, hit the club fist pump

...leave them with a...

Come and get some, be my next victim

I'mma be living with the finest things

Try to suck around on the...

Holding on.. that's the spane

..my niggers stash your brain...

Target practice on my...

Stuffed up in the ...

Automatic weapons and the messages get it

Got ... mother fucker we did it!

..captain and the lieutenant,

never forget it, anybody can get it

Do it for a chatty cause he slow as a text

Like I said I'mma be on my check being lovely now

So I got more fans that I love about

Keep it in a seif, but when I feel danger

Hands on my waist...

Pull it on the tea, pull it on the socks

Fresh 23, let me pull up the box

Friday the 13th ...

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