TERMANOLOGY - El Wave lyrics

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It's swagology, stay pitchin' like Roy Holliday

Consolidate my money and drugs to pass poverty

The smooth criminal, no mic, move pivotal

The Alchemist & Stat on the beat - two generals

I make a lotta cash in a week, move minerals

Levitate, rappers - too deep or too literal

They be fakin' with funny imagination

And conversations illuminati and masons

The shit I make excite federal agents

Dominicans dealin' with dope, deportations

The gram chopper lil ice with my cran vodka

Japan shopper, tan copper I'm the man, patna

I fuck with OGs that's corrupted

Lookin' to fuck shit up bad when they buck shit

Disgusted when I hear y'all rhyme

End up feelin' like huntin' this blunt (?)

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