TERMANOLOGY - Doo Wop lyrics

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I put my motherfucking braid in the top of your brain

And rot in the flames that gods know that papi's insane

So they fuck with me, like big papi I swang, the bat at your fucking ...

Call me a monster, when you see me creeping up at the bushes

With a hook get shook cause I'm pushing to leave

Your ass kushing like a pussy period

Pussy you get wushed, in front of your whole block and ...

You ain't a crook

I be having bad dreams, mad man, mad man

Even my Jamaican homies call me a bad man

Put you in the ...then, pull you out the bagthen

Leave you sitting up, so, call you a cab then

Pick up ... hop out of the whip

And put you out of your new socks

I do songs with the locks, you do songs with your back

... in the closet, shoot myself in the ...

Before I do a song with you

You can go fuck yourself, I'm a real emcee

You do this shit for the wealth

Ain't nothing more to tell, someone put the door...

And your back, now you got smacked need...

Me, I've been bored as hell

... little girls in my hood getting raped before they're 12

This is shit I saw myself, ... before somebody blazing 12

Shells at my...

Man you better watch your tail

When you in the spotlight, catch you at stoplight

Turn your ass frostbite, tell you all my blocks like

Sinister, grimy, I'm slick bitch,

You couldn't get nothing by me,

Before I go starving, I stick you like an...

Cause I've been mobbing, since I was tiny

Back in the 90's, when I was in high school

I was the best and ain't shit changed since.

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