TERMANOLOGY - Depths Of Hell lyrics

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Ft. Slaine & Artisin


In the chaos abuse the rules with the Samson blues

Shaded with gray, aid and abate plans I use

Serenaded the waves to ride em while we stated the move

Made up a way to live inside it and got payed to lose

A gambler's soul, eyes of a killer, hands of a surgeon

The vibes of a villain, tongue of a serpent, plans if emergin'

The warrior's wind, whispers in attence with the curvening

The kingdom of risk, filming this chance is certain

These things that exist, live inside my body and soul

Swallow me whole, got me spinnin' outta control

I don't wanna go home no mo', I got nobody to know

Neither one fuck to ride, take a shot at yo skull

That's the world on my products of war, so among the wolves

My hunger pose me out alive, I survive through the fires I was baptized

Stranded with the frozen sun, surrise through the black skies

Standin' as the chosen one

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