TERMANOLOGY - Can't Take It Anymore lyrics

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What's poppin', y'all, this is DJ Doo Wop

I'm in the buildin' with 3 hungry emcees who's bout to go in

First up, reppin' Boston mass, he stay scheemin'

Aye, yo, Chilla Jones

Set it off, playboy, come on

(Verse: Chilla Jones)

Can't take it anymore, you betta recognize

Tese pupils is cornier than ever so I'm wrecking eyes

Pushin' up on a hot spot is exercise

They throw plain and that's why I won't let it fly

Perma tour up in Europe, schoolin' me on the game

Look at the scoreboard, homie, you're up!

Badder than every batter swingin' in Eur-ope

I guess I got a floss now, every battle will get a loss now

Got every major city screamin' boss town

Check the news and respect the views of fire, just set the fuse

I'm ? team, extra sharp, tryna get ahead, so you next to lose

You can't overlook me, with leak overbook me

Me afraid? Them cats kiddin', I ain't close to pussy

Neva showin' fear, so quote it clear, call me Jepper

Cuz Jones been brave his own career, I can't take it


Damn, I told y'all I was in the house with three monsters

Straight up

DJ Doo Wop, that's how we do this right here

Next, reppin' off Loada, Afghan

Yeah, wooooah, straight outta Brooklyn NY

Top ten battlers right here, baby

Aye, yo, Cortez, you ready to catch a body, my dude?

Brooklyn, waddup

(Verse 2: Cortez)

Lead is crackin' through the potholes

Raised with em capos, them triple beam skill

Surround rat, blanco, re-up, Guapo

But this cheese? Nachos, fired by the game

I'm yellin' free El Chapo!

Street smart? Nah, I don't know what yo man stand

Idiot? Should die a reek, Anne Frank

Respect is much more than just a handshake

I'm just standin' still, rottin' and wheeliein' until I can't break

Boss be off of my hand, but neva force me

I'm no angel, handin' out wings, if niggas force me

I'm grindin' by the waker, let it sit by the coffee

Revenge? Bitter sweet, that's why these niggas be salty

I'm smokin', gettin' high, started thinkin' dollas then I moved up

Three O's and started thinkin' commas

Yeah, I'm from the zoo, niggas packed from the lamas

Gotta keep it a buck, I wouldn't change for Obama



Woah, sayn it, Cortez goes in, baby

I'm next tho, ? guap brother

Reppin' that Lauryn smash

Reppin' that ST square, waddup, weapons show off and all of that

He calls himself the super emcee, Termanology

Ya ready, playboy?

Build some twins, just build some twins

(Verse 3: Termanology)

I'm the greatest

Got two lasers like Darth Vaders

4-5 with an f-beam that's calibrated

Give it a lil kick - it'll open yo soul

And let the vultures pluck the eyeballs outta yo skull

Fuck a collab! I can get ya snuffed in the ave

Bucked in and stabbed, pistol whip is stuffed in the cad

You a small guy, spreadin' all em immature lies

Make me wanna pull a joke and stab a pen in your eyes

I hate you like I hate cops

Chase you down for eight blocks

Hit you in the stomach and have you burnin' like stray shots

Make me wanna spray shots, snatch a rollie, jay clocks(?)

It's gettin' outta hand this time, ya know, take it off ?

The last one you would think a-done it

Cuz you changed ova them dollas

Couldn't keep it 100

Give me patience

Before I pistol whip his fucking face in

And use the blood for my little daughter's face paintings

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