TERMANOLOGY - Bars For Days lyrics

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(feat. Nitty Scott MC & Ea$y Money)

I got bars for days, bars for weeks

It's why these rap dudes wanna spark with me

I step in the ring and break them down like made weather

Never lose money on the best, so I say chatter

When they count the bars, I left a hundred scars

On these rappers careers, I'm laughing in tears!

I'm on my fifty shit, starting beef when I'm spitting shit

You funny cats dance around some messy shit!

Your boy's fresh, cleaned it in the hospital

Cooler than the Popsicle, hustle in the..

Corny rappers only do it for the bread

So my rhymes leave them baked, I turn em to corn bred.

Leave 'em cooked, define unique rhymes

What I spit it's sweeter than the bee hive

Since ni hao all up in the streets

I've been earning my stripes,

The block wanna see me shine.

From the, from the,

From the right one up!

Listen, I hate to say this, but damn, I'm bad term

Got bars like a franchise...

All my joints is cracked like God damn

Got a... but not gem.

Hit the boof and I rip, always spit truth when I spit

So get used of this shit, move with the fifth

You're anorexic, little one to raise goose dudes on the hip.

I'm shooting my clips with your man to say..

When it's beef, he stole the scale, run away

My hammer spray, left kids missing

Only time your hammer sprayed is when your pet pig pissing

Listen, my life like a movie

I swear for all the right, this here the all to rightest

This ST, all my troops go hard

Go play the two position, but we shoot in God!

From the, from the,

From the right one up!

The B girl specimen, hustle harder than a Mexican

I got the regiment for anyone I'm better than

Let 'em in, check all these gentlemen like their gelatin.

Genuine, no, I'll be getting under their...

Toss my flow up in the crime, break them up

Criminal, lyrical killing them by the syllable

And I don't mean to be little you when I say it's pitiful

That you could ever dream of a chick with a... literal

These rappers so incredible eatable

Stripping out that pedestal and down to the skeleton

And at the gold, does my name offend you?

Man, I'll be selling out, or just the venue?

Ha, with these.. on my feets

Word to my boom box, gooners in the street

Yo, this is sip lock fresh, catch a .. tone

This is Emily Dickinson on that piffifng tone

Uh, and that's is how it's gonna be

The kid so free, oxygen breathes me!

Terminating the town, this type of talk is statically

Witty nittie up in your city... technology


From the, from the,

From the right one up!

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