TERMANOLOGY - All My Girls lyrics

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(Feat. Ea$y Money, Fred The Godson, Lee Wilson)

Easy money

To all my girls

For you, for you for you for you

All my girls

I never let em some fans cause i’m a chief

But i know i’m the last man i would be

Good to my girl but i ain’t a s*cker

I give a trust but i don’t a f*cking so

On e thing i love about my down town chick

She like the city but she go down town quick

And i ain’t quit no money in the machine

She like the car wash ‘cause she wipe me down clean

Why i let it be cause the god soul

And so many girls like my cover girl queen

And she like it like it hard

Nothing too fancy

F*ck me in the car you ain’t got me romance me

Type of girl i fancy life maybe ..

But only say the L word when I’m f*cked up

I’ll be in the car hangin in the dutch

She the world for the .. im just tryin to get a ..


Head on top to see my uptown girl

Thank down shop to see my down town girl

Go ot and she my uptown girl

Whatever you at i’ll be around girl

Back on top to see my uptown girl

Back down stop to see my other down town girl

You all my girls girl

I got this onw big ..my hair

Man i don’t wanna go down town

So hope love the way she a dancer

Go go make good money still wacks for me dough dough

Shawty live deep in the P just givin me more blows

Said i got a weak in the knees i call co co

Other chicks sexy holla a pepsi

She want ..with long legs ..

..above she beautiful when she mad me

Let us all go i’m bad and too impressive

That is new .. she met me in my shell

First day she said she in love with my flow

Said i’m incredible and later i’m coming on

Way she go the mike hey got nothing on

Hey day she write about me in the diary

I’m all around the world and this is my variety


And my check from the a

She’ll be .. all day

Coping the cakes they way I’m keeping the calm

And my honey from New York

make me have a run with the law

If I’m sexing I’m beating it wrong

When i see my .. gotta keep the Kelly cope

Because she crazy but i love what she say

My bro in Boston ..so when i see a couple of things

I know i get around and i might play hard

But none of .. cheat em, like they are

I’ve been doing but forever ..get salt

I need every air ..spending

I got so many but i need more in my play

I’ve been .. my honey all over the stake

And i keep on happy too that’s why they love .. two

Live what a madness too


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