Tenchi Muyo!; No Need for Tenchi!

Tenchi Muyo!; No Need for Tenchi! - Up-Walk in Galaxy (english)

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When you go fishing you catch a boot or some other trash

When you play at cards you lose all your cash

You're so pathetic you never win and you never will

Not the kind of girl who'd make any guy feel a thrill

I'm sorry you'll never be a goddess like me

Step aside this is how it's got to be

I'll get the guy, yes I'm the one who will always win the day

I'm strong and I am beautiful, what more can I say?

I'll get the guy, He'll hold me close

Till the very end of time

When you lose how you will moan and cry

'Cause the guy will be mine


While you've been bragging

I had to laugh at your silly boasts

Clearly I'm the one that he loves the most

Because I'm gentle and I am refined like you'll never be

I have won his heart

It's a prize you won't steal from me

Forget it your words won't mean a thing in the end

He'd be glad not to see your face again

I'll get the guy each time I try in a sweet and quiet way

I'm a queen and you're a hopeless fool

That's all I can say

I'll get the guy

There's so much love he and I were meant to find

You can stay with all the other girls

'Cause the guy will mine


I'll get the guy yes I'm the one...

Thanks to Kimberly Jordan for correcting these lyrics

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