TEN - This Love lyrics

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If there should come a time your memory starts to fade

Until I see of incandescent dreams, I slowly slip away

Until the end I've watched a creature cross all over

This love, this love, this love

I would give this life of mine to keep you safe

Until the day I die alone with me you will always find a place

And though the years will come and go, in match we showed them

This love, this love, this love


Because this life goes on

I remember every moment

Burning bright, this love, this love

Because unite we're so strong

As the innocence begun

To indite this earth, this earth

In our eyes, this love, this love

(Verse 2)

Today I'm proud to see the person you've become

You have a taste for much compassion, true signs beckons less than one

I hope you live your life and never see if only

This love, this love, this love


(Guitar solo!)


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