TEN - The Quest lyrics

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A Legendary knight

A solitary quest

Guides him through the endless mist

Of time that has no end

For she's shining like a beacon

In his mind as time again

He's haunted by the one

Whose name is life

For her eyes the bluest sapphires

Can turn a man to stone

Her lips can shame the reddest rose

Her hair the purest gold

It falls cascading flawlessly

On skin as white as snow

For her he'll search

The barren wastes of time

He turns a page in history

Playing from the score

Of a lover's staveless symphony

To the one he adores

He sails the seas of mystery

And her flag is on the mast

In his dreams she is first and last

She's his future, she's his past

Beyond the icy wastelands

The seas of fire and flame

He came upon a castle wall

Great towers and palacade

As he knew his quest was over

As he held him in her gaze

For this love would set

The battlements ablaze

Across the plains of mystery

Scripted as he goes

Love sustains the infamy

Time only knows

Takes the task within his grasp

When the die is cast

Only now she is first and last

She's his future, she's his past

She led to her chamber

She pulled him to her skin

She wrapped herself around him

and her cries were deafening

she realized that there could be

no other only him

for at last someone had touched

what lies within

In a castle on a mountain

he looks upon her face

and every day is everything

inside her soft embrace

through their hourglass infinity

as time slips through his hands

he will lose her

till the final grain of sand

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