TEN - Angel Of Darkness lyrics

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She's a machine uncommon with a sign of ash

She's like a race horse running, like a train on a track

You can't escape, better get what you need

For there's a full moon rising, and I knew that I'd bleed

That kinda body's like a loaded gun

She's like a hunter in the shadows till the daylight comes

So make your peace with your god, here she comes

For this assassin won't sleep and you got nowhere to run


Angel of darkness, will tear you apart just to bury your soul

She'll kill you regardless, possess, it'll cost ya under control medals

The angel of darkness, they say that he's heartless

If I was you, oh, the sins of the father, the son will be lost

Another holy ghost

(Verse 2)

With such a high spread, no-one takes her lies up for rash

She's like a bonified angel, as a matter of fact

Visualties aphrodisiac, but when the slither bone hit you, leaves you flat on your back

A silent death, you'll never see no hit

She severs flesh from bone easy, no remorse, no fear

You think she's hot coming on so strong

But she's a psychopath fiending on the heathen man


(Guitar solo)

(Verse 3)

She's like the scenes of a wet dream, sex of the sea

She's got the only tight 2s, for her only right knees

You sent some needs with some gray and some black

In what's about to go down in a frontal attack

You'd better pray that the end goes great

Cuz every maniac's crazy when you're not a chick

She says the nights you can pay with your blood

In an eraserhead minute you'll be coughing it up


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