TEF - F-U lyrics

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Let me find out its my time to shine - ninety nine

Prime time is here - time for my props to shine - Premier

Load the track up - watch a nigga do work

Show his ass act up - wild out - blow the wax up

I can see it now, the cars, the bitches,

The money, the jewels, guns - in my britches

[Fame] Hey yo yo Tef fuck that, nigga. Jump in they motherfuckin ass, come on


Try this one on for size - I won't be able to wipe my ass

To rock shit so I'll just piss on you guys

Read the floorplan, we do it the double nine way

Crime way - duckin - goin out in a blind rage

Learnt to combine ways to profit - who can stop it

From pickin pockets - to doing stick ups - to kickin prop shit

We keep it poppin - whatever the way go

Long as they know that we here - reason is not a option


Yo Tef, can I get a verse?

Fuck you, pay me

Oh y'all niggas want more

Fuck you, pay me

Oh, y'all niggas want in?

Fuck you, pay me

We in nine nine bitch, this is prime time

Y'all niggas made it like that - I created tight raps

Back when niggas was taxin niggas - to do a track

I show love - niggas just aint know how to act

Try to play a nigga like that - nigga dont know how to rap

I got news for you crooks - not only can I rap I got hooks

Not those hooks, the other hooks - look

Y'all niggas is fuckin with me - getting on my last nerve

Acting like y'all could do something with me

I throw rocks at hotties - throw glocks at parties

Throw shots of bacardi - col' rock a party

Some say what I convey be like the black monday

The rap runaway - Slap, put the gun away


Y'all niggas is just getting started?

Fuck you, pay me

Huh, beg ya pardon?

Fuck you, pay me

Y'all niggas is down with who?

Fuck you, pay me

We in nine nine bitch, this is prime time

Private Benjamin - please - I injure men - send yer men

In to have a meeting with Tef - have a meeting with death

Lethal weapon - leakin n stretched - the fuck out

With his eyes wide open and his tongue stuck out

Y'all motherfuckers dont want it - straight up and down

I let my artillery speak - from Brownsville housing through Tillery Street

Type of motherfucker thats hard to go to war with

Cause I got alliances with the niggas you tour with - so come off it

If you got beef with me - or M.O.P.

Believe you me - Ill murder yo ass - on MTV

You're fuckin with a lunatic that'll put 2 in you

2 in yer crew - 2 in yer chick - fuck coming through in a wip

I'm doing this red handed - nigga I'm a world class bandit

Rollin heavily armed on mass transit

To walk up and spark up yer whole damn strip

Give a motherfucker a whole damn clip

BITCH, this is from the ville

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