TeeJay - Windy City

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I always wanted to do something

From top

Is the real cold wind this year up in the …

Wish I can have you right there by my side

Cause nothing will .. close and .. next to the fire

Cause I am trying to sell your love I am in the …

Nice tears all in the … dropping out of your …

I could have made us stop without a please

So we make love all night long under the sheets

Well this morning she makes us something to eat

Waking while she is talking at night talking about weed weed

We chill all day long and I will write my songs

You are the girl that could make us strong all along

I could see a desire to be great in this world this is by you and me

In my mind she is sweet divine and unique

We used to lie and cheating I speak from experience of past ..

Music .. just to make my pain last ..to another song night right

I don’t see the light unless I am staring at the night cause

He is the only one that will take the time to listen

So dark even though the dime is glassing

I am picking up the phone yelling the bitching

I am rolling back .. I am having not wishing

We had no existence yes we did and you probably getting game

From another delirious since and I have been getting brain

Cause …delirious since I stand on the vane like my momma is hearing this

I just want one thing take a trip in time buy your ring

And I will write you a song come on violin

And you are wishing on the stars while you lay on him


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