TeeJay - Do It Ft. AnDre

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Teejay teeJay Andre Andre

Ladies, ladies


Let me freak you tonight girl

promise i won’t bite girl

Let me kiss you tonight girl and we can

Do it do it do it do it (Come on),

Let me freak you tonight girl

I’ll make it feel so right girl

Do think she ..not to try girl

Do it do it do it do it

Now hey mama heard that you’re going through drama

Said your boyfriend can’t break you off papa

You need a real man holla at the love doctor

Baby i’m a .. i can make you feel good

You heard it down low and let the doctor take a look

And shawty we can do it do it do it do it

Yeah listen

Yeah ..try on your phone ..no time wasted

Is your favorite song turn it on get naked

Several to my .. rule up naked

Till the neighbors get a boom boom boom bare breaking


No other fellows no other chicks wanna be where i met

They call me Santa ‘cause they .. sit on my ..

I can slow mamy like we making love

Hope aint’ sure ..than the crips and ..

How bout all night on it

I’ma put this thing make her feelin in the morning

That’s right i’ma be your .. put your legs on my shoulders

And get what you’re missin

Baby girl you got my .. standing at attention

.. i felt the mention my fully equate

Got your body soaping side the skinny ..

If you do but the D ain’t working them hips

Then we go pop bottles like we wanna championships


Lovin lovin wait what i’m doing you

I’m lovin lovin wait what i’m doing you

It’s nothing nothing ..shaking

Girl don’t ..that will make it


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