Teeflii - So Good

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Yeah, I put her on a track and let her rock the mike, though

Fucking hoes at nighttime with my ice on

Rock the coupe through the night, it's a light show

On my way to give a bad chick pipe, though

If you getting cash gotta pay the price, though

Once I got money spend more money on my life, though

Teeflii got hoes with him, bringing five more

Two things I want, 60 mil with survival

Real LA nigga to the core

Getting faded by the beach, beat the p*ssy by the shore

Make it work, getting to her this gon' hurt so good

She got junk in her trunk

I got famous in the hood


Me and your body 'bout to have a party

Shit I got real

You make it do what it do

I'm the man, you're the Annie

I'm the nigga that's gon' beat it up, beat it up

Fuck that hoe, where my weed?

Roll it up, light it up

Then smoke, then smoke

Put your legs to the ceiling


Like bam, bam, bam

Bam, bam, bam

I'ma do it like bam, bam bam

They only cuz they ain't you

Ain't steer me up

Forget your girl, she don't give head

Girl, you got the right to choose


Fuck that hoe

You know the pain hurt so good

So good, so good

Pain hurt so good, so good, so good

Yeah, so good, so good, so good

Yeah, so good, so good, so good

Fuck that hoe

Me and your body 'bout to have a party

Shit ain’t got real

I know you tryna get ratchet Annie

Yeah, you like to be on the bottom

You like to be on the top

You tellin' me to pull your hair

You tellin' me don't stop

You letting me do my thing

Yeah, you’re letting me do my thing

Girl, I'ma do it like bam bam bam



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