Teeflii - Put On

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Ft. Conrad & GI Joe


Don’t be fuckin’ up the pug

You ain’t fuckin’ with a thug

Let me kiss that, slash that, lay back that

I was raise by the gummers

Niggaaa, time this motherfuckers appin’

Put on for your team x 3


Put on for my team, like some doggins

Would I really do the shit, I’m certify, you niggas round the hood

So won’t you want the lame type or the real deal?

I’m really on my grime, I’m gettin’ pay but I won’t break a neal

I’m so on west like Snoop Dog in a long rider,

Bitch I’ve been baller like the nighty eight blow driver

So I guess I had hoop dreams

Turned up to hit the stun, I ain’t even hit the movies screens

But still swag with the guns and the convicts

I still gonna feel like no read between the line shit,

If yu ain’t heard about my squad, better ask somebody

Show with the roads, ain’t fuckin’ goin’ extra malley

And let that thudy, with a body get it thought

Fall and meet at my hotel and party til the room full

This blue rams in this motherfucker, MT flag, mister rags in this motherfucker

I’m a gun, she a bad, turn the road and fuck with the bad bitches

Only mamma shoulda let me go

Now put on for your team and let me see you shake and twork

Stop playin’ with it



No time for fuck up, and gun go put on for your team

Drop some and do some shit that you mean

Blew and shop with the Robin Jeans, I’m lookin’ like a stupid queen

Put on for my team, mister West Side king

Blue wag, hangin’ on my left pocket

I get stupid inside of

All the siggest is jacket

Mister Ab it’s the motherfucker, here on my pocket

Rock it, my challenge as motherfucker

My team it’s the hottest top it

Nigga, we the biggest and y’all just might escape it

Niggas this the stue situation and you can never stop me

Guuns goin’ up, nigga we just pass and rock it,

Land it on the moon, that was time to pop it at the malley

Ah, still rollie like the fuckin’ dallay

Work my swag and my isst as high as halley

Cuz I’ll be put on for my team

All my nigga keep quepin’ their crème

Better ask somebody, shut up my motherfuckin’ guun

Big pressure with the exorcism and nigga got pull on

Keep puttin’ with the plug, I get your bitch ass down

Mister albone in this bitch, go hard I got hard


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