Teeflii - Like This

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Ft. Ray J


Young California,

Here’s another DJ Carisma excusive

Just fly with this motherfcuker

Me and Mil get everything, everything, ain’t a middle hoer


And you in this club looking so sexy

I’m all on her and she all on me

Ah she put it down, she ratchy but she’s classy

She tworking alone on the floor

And she know she doin’ the move

Baby girl gonna leave here with me

She ain’t `bout you week niggas


Baby the baddest one from between

And she wear all the shit in front of me in the club

She dancing all on my labby

So I told us turn up, turn up

Kiss me like we only ones in this club

You ain’t never did it like this x 3


Any in this club looking so ready

Looking pretty, freze all day

I’mma try to hit that

Her perfume smelling good

She drinking all this bad toast

Ain’t no body gonna stophet

She came here to fond some

She know what she doin’ the most

So I tell that roll down right here

Do whatever you want


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