Teeflii - Lapdance

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Annie pull up a chair and I'll take ya there

I want to see all the tricks ya got

Give me a lap dance, yeah, give me a lap dance

Yeah, give it up, give it up

Yo rotations got me on, we can do it all night long

Tryna see all the tricks you've got

Give me a lap dance, yeah, give me a lap dance

Annie, take me, hold tight

(Verse: Teeflii)

The way ya was twerkin' I had to grab ya Annie

Get on my lip, I move, ya move, ya ride me slowly

Betta tell yo nigga, why ya didn't answer none of his calls

Cos' u was bein' good, pleasin' body

Freaky on the late nights how ya pop that ass

Cos' when ya grindin' ya sure look good to me

Scratch me, grind me, pull me, do whateva, Annie get it done

Kiss me, hold me, please me, I promise we can do this all night


(Verse 2: Jeremih)

It's the time, the time, If you're mine, girl I'm fine

So fine, I don't mind

When you're high on that pole I want to get ya low

When you're lookin' back at me, get an extra two strokes

And I'm strokin' on yo butta luv, butta luv

Despite a nigga sayin', make me lap yo stage as you're stirrin' up, stirrin' up, stirrin' up

And I know y'all understand the game we're here to play

With these treats that I'm gon' give ya, holler when ya show me all them tricks

Ya don't mean no picture, ya the baddest bitch

All in them positions, pose like shit we did was a picture

Prices, she ride it like it's no license

She blowin' all on me like Dysons


(Verse 3: Teeflii)

Ya ain't got to rush cos' we've got all night baby

So take you're time baby cos' u came right home

Beautiful, can I show ya somethin'

Fill me up, I've been waitin' fo' ya to put it down

So stay focused and keep them eyes right on me


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