Teeflii - Better Know

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It's like f*cking four girls on the 4th of July

South central niggas ain't never told you lies

I make 'em choose sides, opm 'til I die

F*cking with that westside, nigga bump that TeefLii

Seat is on recline, I told her: "say what's on your mind"

She calling nigga daddy, I'm finna turn 29

Know that's that balling shit

I'm on some take my number down but don't call it shit

On my EML, alcoholic shit

F*ck that Ciroc I told her shake it for some beer

Her nigga disappeared when I whispered in her ear

Been f*cking her for years but never took her to the peer

F*ck it, I might just buy her car every year


The turn up is real over here,

Uh yeah

You ain't never felt like this, like this

We can see each other in the mirror

I can see that you’ve been practicing

On the way you move your body

Body, you're naughty


Annie your body’s calling for me

Annie your body’s calling for me

If you want me, Annie let me know

And I will kiss and touch on your body

You better know, better know

Beg you to know, better know

You better know my sex game is real Annie

Yeah, you better know

Better know, better know

Better know my sex game is real Annie

Smoking with you Annie

You f*cks with me the long way

You know that ain't no time for games

Annie throw it back and then look at it

And I'm gonna beat it up


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