Teeflii - Addicted

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Ft. Snoop Dogg & DJ Quik


Let's have a lil Henny, refill your cup

Tonight we wanna have it, only one fuck

You gon' get addicted, you gon' get addicted

We all on the floor, showin' ah-ah

You gon' get addicted, you gon' get addicted

You gon' get addicted, yeah

(Verse: Teeflii)

Round and round, can I trade places with you?

Goin' up and down, yeah yeah-yeah

I'll let you ride it if you just climb on top

Don't stop fo' nothin', Annie, do what you do, yeah

I ain't playin' with you, girl

When we bumpin' and grindin', oh, all night


(Verse 2: Snoop Dogg)

Another cold one, girl, now you want me

Listen here, Annie, yo girl been on me

Annie, are ya walkin'? You say that you couldn't be

Fly as a muthafucka, bitches is on me

Crenshaw District, look at what we did here

Now I'm in the Valley, fuckin' with a rich bitch

Swing, bada-bing, bada-bong

Seen with a G, gotta go

Baby girl, he ain't gotta know

I keep it all the way, undercover light

It show you another life

Get prepared to be whipped, spooned and gloved

Dip the flare(?!) with my d*ck


(Verse 3: Dj Quik)

I'mma go in like the first firemen on the scene

's a way to chill the smoke, nahwimean?

I wanna have a straight menage a troix

Both 'em pussies fat like some Foie gras

The way I talk to the pussy like a toddler

I say coochie coochie coo, then I gobble 'er

I got a lotta lights, but this my favorite review

Leave eyes to her hips and let her hair show through

And even if that pussy's got a lil whif

I'mma still take it and treat it like a gift

I'm addicted, I stopped and went down and licked it

Kick back on a shrub, becuz the pussy's a drug


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