Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne - F U Pay Me featuring Krizz Kaliko

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Verse 1:

Tic tac toe

I'm linin up my X's and O's tell the Nina let's go nigga

Get that doe

Cali baby we world wide now tell ya girl bye for now and

F U Pay Me

im lookin for them checks next lookin for the exit thats it

F U gotta wife, sister, momma, and nephew

and little christopher

what the F you think im spittin for

not livin for the middle

livin and givin is difficult

gotta live it up or life is pitiful

a pedastul i put myself on nobody gave me a damn thing

stealin vans, different lands we doin the same thing

its time to pay the piper

freestyles for the sifer

aint no volunteer

look how far we got here

i been in places that you never been

colored money in the Netherlands

i get around like a ceiling fan

i need my chips with dip

or meet my pistol grip

cuz if i slip

nigga crystal or trip

and i see some ladies tonight

that should be havin my baby F U Pay Me


F U Pay Me

im not doin it for free

im doin it for me

tell em again

F U Pay Me

im not doin it for fun

im doin it for money honey

F U Pay Me


F U Pay Me

The Presidents to represent me like Obama

(sorry i couldnt make out one part in the chorus )

Thanks to Krizz Kaliko for correcting these lyrics

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