Teairra Mari

Teairra Mari - Turnin Me Off (FREESTYLE) lyrics

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Ay, Teairra Mari

Ya turnin me off, turnin me off

Turnin me off, hey

Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh

Let me introduce myself 2 those that don't kno me

And reintroduce myself 2 those that think they kno me

Da girl u first met, she waz only 15

Stepped on tha scene, lil Rocafella queen

iDisappeared, yeah iGot dropped from my deal

Now iM back on da block & ma rock is 4 real

Let me take ya back & tell ya where iCame from

Detroit, Detroit, where pistols & da Pistons get it done

Da sleaze they call "Da Muzic Industry" is so fake & foul

All these phonies need 2 take a fast break

And you don't even kno me but ya mouth is always poppin

While me & my homie Cudda got sum big ish poppin

Ya turnin me off, ya turnin me off

And when ya make me turn it on, ain't no turnin it off

And iAin't caught up in da vapors,all da gimmicks & da capers

If it ain't about ma paper (wait a minute)

Yeah, iM a real ass bitch

iM sick of all dese critics in my business while iM tryna make a livin

iM only 21, cute chick, new shit, it's a givin

And iPraise all my hataz are 4givin

So Lord, let em talk about me, da comments, da chattin

iHeard em say I'll never sell a record (4 Real)

Like they said I'd neva get anotha deal (4 real)

And even tho they see me, iM 4 real

They still wanna tear me down (Recognize a real woman)

But now it'z goin down (Recognize a real woman)

iMa be around 4 a damn long time

iM stayin in ma lane because itz mine, yeah

Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh

Now ya wanna get real close 2 me

When just last year, u didnt notice me

Now ya recognize a real woman

Ha ha

Ha ha ha, yeah

A yo Te-Te, we ain't botherin nobody

We just throwin out muthafuckin APs in the sky

Niggas always gotta run they mouth, don't they

Hey, it's life

More 2 come, suckers

More 2 come...09!

Yeah...we gettin it, nigga, in a recession

We gettin it

Say sumthin CJ, say "What Up?"

"What up"

Ha ha, tell em "We comin 4 ya baby"

"Comin for ya baby"

God bless & goodnight, suckerz

Thanks to Da iPhr3sh Kidd for these lyrics

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