Teairra Mari

Teairra Mari - Operator lyrics

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Yeah... right... yeah...

Uh huh

Yeah... right... yeah...

Turn the lights off

Maybe I forgot his birthday... Oops

I meant to take him to lunch this afternoon

Now his pissed off in the worst way

I hope he gets over this attitude real s0on


I guess I did something so wrong...

Cause my baby won't pick up the teleph0ne...

And he ain't even coming home

And it's been so long

So I say hello operator... hellooo

Can you put my baby on the line

So that we can get together later

Cause I really want to spend some time...

Cause he won't... he won't... he won't... he won't... he won't <i>[x3]</i>

He won't answer my call

Can you put my baby on the line

I was shopping with my my homegals

Didn't expect him to act so immature

He be off in his own world...

I thought my baby was in so insecure


Maybe I should send him some flowers or a card

Some candy or a letter cause his taking it s0 hard

I should take him on a Shopping spree

Let's ball out at the mall

Out wine him and dine I might as well have me a ball...


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