Teairra Mari

Teairra Mari - No Daddy (Remix) lyrics

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I ain't have no daddy around uh

When I was growing up that's while I am wild and I don't give a uh ya'll think cause these jeans fit I am a give it up don't let this cute face fool ya

Been through so much in my life

Same things in my life that I never thought that I'll make it through

Add a few clothes, cars, in my life that could of ended my life but I'm here lookin at you never thought that I be here I'm the type that don't give a dick about rules I was pose to survive on the streets make my own way to eat got to do what I got to, do best believe

I know plenty of girls like me that don' been through hell just like me keep what your mama teach ya don't cheat or decieve beet ya don't my kick ass girls just like me that ain't never afaid to see

At time that they try to treat ya like you a freak cause you in the street and look good tell me

No I don't strip in the club tripi n the club the best way they but I got friends that do so my girls let's get in the door the best way they know don't hate girl I

Got you even though it ain't me I understand it's real in these streets in

Understand when it come to that rent that check ain't no body gone protect

Neck like you

All all my girls from a broken home when you feel you all alone and you feel you can't go on call me all al...

My girls from a broken home and you feeling all alone and you feel you can't go on call me go on call me

Tierra Mari I see you you shaken it Tekyl

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