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Let me start of with my name bycth I'm tay f 3rd and girl I'm famous

I bumb I jerk when I push to the club trynah bag a bytch and get head from a slut straight to the bar yea I'm trynah get drunk don't be surprised if you see me with a blunt I pop I smoke hell yea I lean I must be outtah gas kus I stay on e. bitch I got a razor but on point like a dike and if a bytch get outah line we gone smack her with a stack niggas steady hating but never gave a fuck goin dumb in the club whyy I'm chumppn up mahh cup hey east I rep now make room and watch me do my eatside step I bouce to the left bounce to the right I'm trynah bag a bytch and get it jerking all night imah pusha I push hard tay f third now listen to the boss.

I smoke I drank I jerk in the club

Yea the back of the club hell yea we go dumb

I smoke I drank I jerk

Yea the back of the club hell yea we go dumb

HEYY bitches say I front but I don't give a fuck kus I stunt like jet li and I'm higher then jet ski's hey yea ya dahh kid stay balln like a mesby and I laugh kus I bet yo bitch glad that she meet me tay is you a star tay is you famous I shit every where yuh betta watch mahh anis yea I rep that push and my pockets stay green like the color of kush middle fingure in the air with the diamond on my wrist and I kno you smell the kid kus dah boy beeh the shxt in the back of the coop hell yea we dumn niggahs mean muggn but they ain't gone do nuthn I bounce to the left bounce to the right and now I got game tied like string to a colly doo-doo mamas drive me crazy and pc said keep pushing it baby

Aye see I'm loose of the goose and I lost my phone and in the back of my mind I'm like how I'm gettn home fuck it I step to a bytch like is you on it she sedd cute tay yup come on let's roll then aye that's wussup and I'm the fly so nahh yuh ain't don't have tolook up and if your friend wanna join us welp we kan hook up but only for the night kus I stay booked up and just luke a pup girl if we kick it keep it on the low kus mahh wife stay trippn you kant have mahh number but you kan have mah aim ily x last word tay I bounce to the left bounce to the right fuck way boy imahh cut the whole line tay f3rd I ride for the beat and I kant end this witout free yg

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