Tatsuro Yamashita

Tatsuro Yamashita - Machi Monogatari (english) lyrics

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The back alley kids became adults without notice,

they began to know true love little by little,

to sigh to the twilight, to get lonely to the sound of the rain.

Even during the vague season they can't wait, search for love, get attracted, they whisper "I'll be happy".

The memory of this goofy love

became the story of the city

and the life goes on (x4)

"Goodbye" is not the end because memories can't be erased,

they walked on the street, looked to the little sky.

Even if the brightness faded the warmth is still here.

It's dimmed in the figure of your shadow on the asphalt.

I waved my hand smiling, I murmured "Be happy!".

I started to walk once again

went on living in this city

and the life goes on (x8)

I can't forget you, you gave me something important:

the real shape of love, right now I can't see it again, the story goes on.

Go around, fall in love, have to part one day,

groping but stretching out my heart, I'll start walk again.

Live in this city.

The story goes on

the story goes on

and the life goes on<br />

<br />

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