Tash - Fallin On lyrics

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Let's dive right in they ass quick fast and in a hurry

Tell em whattell em what

While you was fallin offcatashtraphe was fallin on

Ask the niggas in the streetsI hold it down for californ'

Born to be the livest nigga so you know it's soul survivin

On the mic I move the crowd like big pun stage divin

I beenaround the worldpullin girls

I pull em three at once that's why I said it wit a plural

I'm like earl the pearlstraight pimp referral

Y'all niggas can't winit's like you sword-fightin zorro

Y'all bummy muthafuckers can't pull my card

I smack the fuck out y'all niggas while you try to be hard

But like my nigga at the grammy'scatash is for the children (hey!)

My style be standin out like gang writin on a building

I build and destroy yadestroy your employer

If y'all niggas ain't on loudthey wasn't doin nuttin for ya

Pot lit the wickto the dynamite stick

So when it blow up in your grillwatch how ugly it get


We got l-dot-a-dot rock that spot

We here to take it all foolwhat the fuck you got

You can't stop the plotcuz this is how it's goin

While you was fallin offcatashtraphe was fallin on

Cuz this the hip-hop that crips rock

The hip-hop the bloods rock

The hip-hop the thugs rock

The hip-hop the clubs rock

Don't hate on itdon't hate on itdon't hate on it


So while you waitin and debatinconcentratin on hatin

That nigga tash be up the street on this deep dish dance

Blowin indo out the windowclownin niggas wit my ices

In a black sscalifornia on the license

My name is hella-famous but it's time you learned about me

Even though I'm rockin soloi'ma always be a alki

Jtashand swiftwe work the night shift

I'll be fucked up when I rapso sometimes my eyes drift

I could push you off a cliff and catch you right before you land

I'm the million dollar manyou better get this while you can

I been in this fo' a minutecatash be winnin pennants

Everytime I grab the mic it's like I'm speakin to the senate

But I'm not a politicianmore like a rap magician

Presto changobermuda triangle

Pull a album outta hatcatashtraphe'll fire circuit

My style be comin off too hard to interpret



So while I smack you wit the force to knock your ship off course

If this funk don't move your wifeyou better file for divorce

Cuz that bitch you treat to eat got two left feet

I seen y'all dancin 'cross the street and y'all was both off beat

So i'ma end it wit a blaaa! and jet immediately after

Can't kick wit y'all niggasy'all might be the gay rapper

Catash the lion trappernumber one for big consumptions

In the funtion in conjunction wit my nigga on production

(you better recognize nigga!) we on the same boat

We be both be gettin loc'd when we off that smokey smoke

Hit you wit the okey-dokeyou better do the hokey poke

And turn yourself around before I gotta choke some folks

I never go for brokeI break it down for major wage

I be rappin wit a gaugelikwit crew'll flip your page

Confusin as amazedcomin at you like a storm

While you was fallin offcatashtraphe was fallin on

And on....*echoes*

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