Taken - Drowning In Numbers lyrics

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As I sit here alone with toughts.

they turn to you.

watch as you live your life.

Hollow in meaning.

everyone is crawling on one other.

scrounging to get ahead.

but as they do they tear down someone else.

Hope is not a reason to live.

Greed is the answer.

No smile. No love.

just fire hatred towards one another.

No smile. No live just pure hate.

if that's really your true self.

then i am thankful that i don't have to live your hell.

the more people your surround yourself with.

the more will drown.

drown with you (x4)

As my thoughts shift to someone else.

I find the same thing happening all over again.

but with someone i care about.

Will this be the last time i put myself through this hell?

Drown with you

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