Takahashi Yutaka

Takahashi Yutaka - Wonderful day

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Born in the country to cultivate healthy 麗Shiki

My supreme happiness is to know about

Gives rise to many desire, yet less well

"Not satisfied", "unsatisfactory" get angry about something

Spend a shredder as well be the world wad

I know how ridiculous this feeling Then Gisugisu

It's more to it and so I do not know

The man was seen as a serious, hard worker

Pleasing people sensitive to stimulants 足Torita give quite different from hockey and love and money

Reason that we were born (not) even if I can do without

What beats you made me breathe

In this case also the same people there who

Also, can you laugh? Do you still want to do there?

From there I look into the setting sun colors what are they going?

If you live in hope is only to be disappointed

This moment I feel like it fits through

If you just love living youth with love

Tomorrow is a great bet

"Not that it was bullying Ijimetaku separately

Now I gotta do it I felt like dying "and

All the boy said dabbing tears

Channels sensitive to talk about justice raised 足Torita

It's not malicious and I'm sure we

Just looking to hurt hurt while I do not understand what

For the country had grown up 麗Shiki

Ordinary daily living there each and every

The apology went only wants perfect

It was not perfect people shun human

We have reason to be alive (not) even if I can do without

To all the politicians to the same boy that made me laugh, and cry what

Can you still walk? Do you fall in 起Ki上Gareru?

I peek scene from advanced developing countries there in heaven nor hell

Amazing thing is worth only to be disappointed in

The person in front of you feel like it fit through the

I love you just support each youth with love

I still make sure

Why not utterly corrupt city that's good enough for all the wrong

I'll look into view from there you can change the hell into heaven

Can you still laugh? Can you still walk?

Are brought to feel like it fit through the

Love between them come from

Surely the world is waiting for tomorrow's great we<br />

<br />

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