TAGGIZ - Ohh Aah

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I'm sittin thinkin about the things I'm gonah do to you

Because the way you smell yo sexy body now I'm on top of you

Now that you know I'm gonnah take you all the way from A to Z

I'm Gonnah get some honey and rub it all over your Body

You ain't gattah worry baby me and you are all aolne

Except for me feelin on you rubbin them hip bones

The next thing I want you to do is just take controll

You don't have to worry baby

We got all night long

OOo AAH don't you stop babe

OOo AAh Swettin drippin I got you wet

OOh AAh Don't you stop girl

I'm gone make you scream my name

Taggiz Ain't playin Games

OOo AAh Don't you stop babe

OOh AAh Swettin drippin you got me wet

OOh AAh Don't you stop Babe

I'm gone make you scream my name

Nicole ain't playin games

Sit next to the fire place

Come close let me lead the way

And I'll take you threw a jerney

It's coo don't rush your learning

Anything that you want to do for tonight

If you think it's wrong baby I'll make it write

It don't matter what has caused it

We can always go back rewind and pause it

Come close make me feel like you want

Some of me but take your

Time baecase I'm Gonnah

Make you scraem my name

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