T-Lanez - Story Of A Dope Girl

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I met her at the Ramada in Vegas

…love, said her name is …

Outrageous, body designer arrangement

She was flawless first class but godless

… bags and more tags, 33 kilos she kept them all bag

Shawty the transporter, … spotter, she was bad

So I bagged that … I told her the money will make a plan for

Now women know how to follow a man’s orders

So I continue to do my thang on her

Wrist watch hundred grand let it bling on her

And we made a promise to staying honest

She think a nigger be cheating late night she waiting on him

Why federalis were building their case on her

Shawty called … and get rid of the checks on her

But still I ain’t feeling a race on her

I told her I’d be down till her face is on the corner

Swat team circle formation on the corner

As copse swarm the house, we took the keys

Push gone, we out

High speed chase couple hundred on the dash board

Motor running and that … with the glass door

I’m looking at her through a last …

She thinking about the fight we last fought

Mad faces as she turn the …

We at the Mexico and passports

And mamy is everything I could ask for

I kiss her neck and told her pick it up

So distracted by my tongue that nearly hit a chuck

Whoa, it’s why shooters … real suck

Shawty …

She told me baby we gonna live it up

And it don’t matter what cause she ain’t never giving up

Plus the … jail time made her sick enough

… hear a puff

And just release it as you let it go

Cause what we riding into this ...motherfucker engine blow

We were hot pursuing cops follow us into the ruins

Grand canyon location shit was like a movie

We were both … 2 bags fully packed of our favorite Louie

I’m looking in her eyes and said you are the shit

And if we got we would … the illest that ever exist

She looked me in the face with a beautiful …

And she gave me kiss and drove us right over a cliff

I love you baby.<br />

<br />

Thanks to Andrei

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