T-Lanez - Purple Swave

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Maserati door tint little niggas gonna change like Clark Kent's Little Nigga on the Jane like Tarazan pop pop like what's up nigga Martin I've been being the boss so please could you excuse the cigars sent we are not the same but I'm not a Martian I'm just richer I'm living my life baby I pick up with my nigga and chillen with fine bitches I enjoy living self employ living deploy women let a d-boy hit it uh no when a t boy get you can be the decoy like Leroy did it uh

Everything is swavey

Everything is swavey

Fuck around

I'm gon take yo ladie we gon make a baby

I'm just joking im just stroking her back like lotion I just opened the pack like Motrin I dip slow in the back like Oakland until a hoe give me room like roslin no excuse for the use of the potion nigga we just out her tryna function gold grill give a lil bitch cold chills I don't really give a shit about a hoe still but I will let her ride like a four wheel cause she do eat a dick like oatmeal nigga got 2 L's like roshell told me make it wet and I lake her O'neal and I'm so trill and to hoe feel that I'm so real and she know we'll no beta no chedda mean no retta ski mask and a gpad said she got tryna hoe yo ena niggas hating on the way dope get up til I get off beat it's a ten on steet and I'm back on Beat it's a back on track it's a back on feet on the one two like everybody on three payed ass nigha the money elevatin that's hella swave ass nigga make these jelous hatin niggas want to way that trigga what's funny is I knew these niggas from way back nigga like damn niggas like wam in a yellow lam shit look like scram-bull eggs money as long as a tall bitch legs y'all niggas small as a small kids head boss is a pussy and you all dickheads she don't give a shit bout a small dick head she just want to fuck make a quick bread better follow me don't be miss lead and I'm hated on like I'm tryna get head eat a nigha dick like you tryna get fed yo old favorite rapper just went dead ok my guys to get a show here I can pray to god forgive to sins ain't no wastin time I'm getting those inns like a hotel hoes no we'll that I'm so well like 4's on the co tell white hoes in the motel roll we'll with a cigar fuck around right now motha fucka I will make you see god

That's enough free shit for y'all niggas btw my nigga J say fuck y'all niggas

Ha ya canada nigga

I got yo bitches on my nap sack

I got yo bitches on my nap sack

Ha said I got yo bitches on my nap sack


sincerely tory march 26 nigga

It's a mufuckin hard cap but my shit on iTunes nigga

Thanks to Wael for correcting these lyrics

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