T-Lanez - I'm Good

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I'm good like g o o d og kush by the motherfucking oz

Hoes wanna roll with a young nigga so street

Hm, fucking...less you tryina hit the whole team

Fuck it, she a groupie, stunting nigga we duby

Even in that od, niggas can't over hoop me

Play this verse twice, these niggas can't over loop me

You can get lost like loosly

... dr, I put the ice on my nigga

Keep it 2 g iPhone my nigga

That's why your wife got her eyes on my nigga

I'm talkin bout my penis got a condo on Venus

We balling on the court but we ain't got a Serena

I'm fucking bad bitches as Venus and Serena

Adrina with some Tina, a little bit of Serena

And you got yourself a fucking bad bitch, Martina

Riding in the ... this shit my step car

Heavy to the Bentley, broke niggas with...

Trying to keep the piece, but hoe niggas prevent me

Rich shit nigga, y'all 99 cent cheap

I don't give a fuck boy, my dot niggas wassup nigga

Fuck boy, we riding up in the cup with the ...noise

Player hating cause we up nigga... nigga

Everything swayed up, bottles and that...

Ace J Lo... you don't get the picture, well I got it you can trace now

Oh, we all in the leader, ... she in the all o 13 g4

I don't need Melissa, take her sister Keith Loren

Ralph on me, the garments play..

I stay fly like hornets... been scorching ass

... 10 color is ostrich...

Scent of the rubber when I fuck her in the car seat

Man I had that pussy dripping like a car leak

... like a Harley

Y'all niggas try to ...some liquor when you ...

...niggas always got they ...when they party

...I'm the young rambo, bag full of ammo

Money so tall make a tall nigga fall off

... play these hoes like banjos

And hit bad model broads like LeAnn Rose

... explain why I set it, take a nigga bitch, swipe like I...

got a price on your head that's ...

I make the shit sway, got paper to make, ... these bitches on me

And I'm getting this shit for free

freestyling off the mind, hoes wanna be in

the jeep that we in, the beemer that we in

Seen me on the scene, tower cause I got the power

And I'm from Toronto, and ... and I'm back on the shit

Fucking hoes from..and I'm back where you want

... no, I'm playing record this...

And them hoes getting mad and them bitches wanna...

They just come and record us, put me all on they bed

Bitches lay me down, down, give me all of they head

I mean membrane, I'm talking bout the...

The bitch a fucking Einstein

I fuck the left brain, now she use the right mind...

And I blow her like a land mine

I fuck these hoes 2 times, I'm 2 9

That mean I'm 29, and I fucked your bitch 20 times, yeah.

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Tuesday 20th of March 2012 15:06
i really have a bad opinion on this song! it's a lot of bullshit on music! crappy song