T-Lanez - Faded

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You know all American niggers gotta have cities and states that you rap, my nigger

But I have the whole country on my mother fucking back, my G...

I'm stunning, got the bitch coming

I'm stunning, got the bitch coming

Do it!

I'm stunning, got the bitch coming

..feel like a mother fucking...

No ...the whole grand canyon

Break the trees down like my name...

Who ... with me, gotta try new things

Little nigger try, like I tried two things

Playground pussy try to write new...

And I made it sit on it like...

Ha ha, do that! Bitch nigger, you're that

I be getting... you be trying to pursuit that

..trying to renew that!

Fuck nigger... know you ain't need...

Trying to get the glam, but no, you ain't see ...

Nigger, send this bitches...

I got your bitches on my basket, man, I'm a fucking G

I'm at the fucking G, you could be the one I'm fucking

But you still can't fuck for me!

My light 8 plus and my chicks are double D

And I'm rapping as a.. to the death...

Bitch on my back, I'm a beast, I'm a dog

Fucking worth a hug, this will...

Let, let a nigger rhyme...

Let a nigger...

Niggers at the top... they can't face on

I'll be at the hot spot.. with the lace on, uh!

Let, let a nigger beat up!

Everything babe, from the... to the ego

Ain't niggers... same shots, reload

Homie, you can have her, I don't touch Skeatels

Skeat, skeat, skeat, niggers cheap, cheap, cheap

And I'm moving these hoes like beep

When the solo, man it's a nice...

Wait her in the... tell her, bring her...

Talk on...

Nigger got that ... like we're ice tea

... you're fucking nigger, trying to be eh wify.

....that pussy open like a bad one

Send 'em hoes home when the cab comes

Telling sleeping niggers, take a nap son

Yelling shooting and kill...

Baby, say I'm better than the average

...she'll be better than my last bitch

I tell her you can't be my fucking lady

Cause right now I'm fucking ...

I'm so ..that your bitch wanna do me

And I'm looking like a lazy, mother fucker I'm a catch

Bitches like ...

Call me like nigger... eat cheese like a mouse

Bitches on my dick and I'm all in the house

All in your fridge, cause I need a sandwich

Back to the level, and rush back again with a tuna sandwich

And I ain't talking money like who the man is.

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Tuesday 20th of March 2012 15:07
i wonder with what kind of people are u hanging with if your music sounds like this...