Symphony X

Symphony X - Without You lyrics

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Flyin’ into the storm

Hangin’ on a broken wing

Onto every life

A little rain must fall


Ooh, the words I sing

It's a greater thing

To have loved and lost

Than to never, ever

Loved at all

(Pre Chorus)

I've come undone

Oh, any fool can see

What's become of me


Sometimes I feel

Feels like there's nothin’ there

Just an empty stare

Sometimes I feel

Feels like with each passin’ day

Life just slips away

Without you


Driftin’ on the sea

A lonely ship without a sail

Sinkin’ like a stone

Drownin’ in despair

Fightin’ tooth and nail

Mind the siren's wail

And here comes the night

But the moment's gone without a warnin’

Or without a prayer

(Pre Chorus) + (Chorus)


The days slowly disappear, uuh

Time to face my fears

What will be, will be, ooh

I can't escape

I can't escape my

My destiny, yeah


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