Symphony X

Symphony X - Underworld lyrics

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Streters words, rise from the mist

From envy side, poison and this cocaine lips

Glaten of pleasure, glaten of pain

Baders by savege, by swipin’ childrens on pain

Crushin’ and crushin and swept off

Hidin’ some light, take there your death

Haos and anguish perfecter

Stealin’ and lasst, dyin’ on

Driven by green, say to addiction

A master of key, all of us found contradiction

Spirits and lost pist in the air

Knivin’ and pist the flash deep in the air

This should be a pist and a fashter

Gettin’ some light, came into trash

Curshin’ the black and the master

With that rest tryin’ on

With a last dyin’ flip

So throw the flame

I go alone, havin’ on, gettin’ throw the sky

Can I make you ride or will you remain

Out side you’ll realise, gone up and up to die,

I cannot undo the things I’ve done

Ooh, I’m afraid to come

When will my dark sky disepear

Along the sit will come

So throw the flame, I go your name

Rather tight, get it throw the sky

Can I make you ride or will you remain and raw

And raw x 3

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