Symphony X

Symphony X - Nevermore lyrics

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From the skies, cross the sea of lies

To the dungeons of the damned

Scorchin’ winds blazin’ thunderclouds raging

Here, I make my stand


The viper's venomous bite

Has brought on the night

Swept away, like a bird of prey

Now there's hell to pay

From darkness into light


Nothin’ matters anymore

My strings ring hollow

Bleedin’ evermore


Can't let go

Your silences tells me

All I need to know


Strike a chord

The walls of silence fall



Kings of death callin’

Frigid breath falling

In the cryptic den

Curse the dark with a

Longin’ heart and song

You will rise again


On tragic wings I take flight

Bring on the night

Eyes of stone rippin’, flesh from bone

Into depths unknown

From darkness into light



Lost in shadows of what might have been

Bloodless spirits wept in fear

The void of anguish slowly pulls me in

Abandin’ hope all who enter here



Nevermore x 3

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