Symphony X

Symphony X - In My Darkest Hour lyrics

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I’ve been betrayed by the angel of death

And the serpent who stole her last breath

Feeding the flame, though I pray for the best

And prepare for the worst just to say


Down in ____(?) sown together, locked in the apocalypse days

Desecrator, devastator, sent my world ablaze


In my darkest hour, with my kingdom’s power

Hear my song and hear my plea

Put the pieces back together

Nothing lasts forever, my darkest hour, let it be

(Verse 2)

Grant my request, darts of masculine pain

Incarnation of all that’s prophane

Without a prayer, under six black wind slaughter


And six mounts of screaming despair

Born a liar, falsifier, trapped in this damn infernal maze

Crucifier, born of fire, set my world ablaze


(Guitar solo)


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