Symphony X

Symphony X - Charon lyrics

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Do me your pass, just take my hand,

The farin’ whispers my name

The curse has been set, oh lord of the death

To the banks over river and pay

Ooh, we’ll rise and fall

Wind the time, on throw the days with shadows away

See grimo although his eyes


The bridges of that all, never to return

Sell away all the wings

Take me to the distant sharp

Sell away on the stile jar

Take me to the distant sharp

Lead the way or will the caller

By the Gods I can’t ignore,

The side on this place drowned and death called embrace


Throw me your past to the lacrimo spray

My passage cause with a priest

Sky without cause stars

It’s all that remains to that sure it’s made by fir and ice

We rise and fall with the time

Just save the world cuz there’s no return

From the curse when the true not relies

The breath is all that burn

Now we’re onto return

(Chorus x 2)

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