Sweatshop Union

Sweatshop Union - F.W.U.H Lyrics lyrics

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"Let's begin with a drum set"


Yeah yeah, well alright now

Check it out, it goes, well it goes, well it goes

"One, two, three, four"

[Verse 1]

It goes fuck what you heard what you thought what you said

Forget everything you know what you were told or read

'Bout to tell it like it is, if it's over your head

You better pick it up and learn it, code is closer to red

You've mostly been fed, one side you're mostly misled

They want you tunin out shit well listen closely instead

Fact is, if you don't then you only gon' get

'Bout half of what you should know but don't know yet

[Verse 2]

Yo don't let yourself be tamed by the TV

Radio's got the same ten songs on repeat

The papers claim to be the vein of the free thinkin man

But man, y'all need to stop sleepin

And if I can find the rhyme to save them

Make them wake the fuck up and shake the dust off

I'd stop and say it for God's sake

I'd take a boombox and play it and make you not complacent

[Verse 3]

You own 'Pac and hate it, we won't stop 'til we top the playlist

Your whole block and nation indoctrinated (Sweatshop)

We save the way you thought

But never put into words to rock the crowd and start the mayhem

Drop the 808 and take away the things you're taught

Sing along if you can sing or not

Everybody two-step, let your fingers pop

All the girls make noise when we hittin the spot

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