SWAY - Good, Bad & Ugly

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The party was in the street, the after party was in the street

Standing in the street, few longer then a sense of beat

Then after sense of bleed they came with …

We got him more easy if I came out like …

Now it’s back by the door, that’s how we saw her

True of …she has to talk to us

You look familiar, baby have I see you before?

She was like alright, caught like wired

I think she said alright but he was too busy staring and they go to the bar …about a fight

Both flipping out there but they different style of the war

…can I speak to Lord, she’s like, she got o shop, he said like

You must be here for got one remember from somewhere…

You walking through my ugly days, I tell my mom to ring back

He thinks that maybe she never phone and she sits back

Maybe she’s not alone and she just goes back with the kids dad

Ring-ring sorry I left my phone at home

You said you also left little brother alone

Come on he’s almost grown up, have shots around the corner

When we linking up, ok, ok let’s do it tomorrow


The good, bad, the ugly

Always seems to bring you back

The good, bad, the ugly

True intentions always come back round

Fast for the six day, the house the couch, try to kicking of

He’s trying all the trick but she ain’t linking of

He’s like come on, what’s all this about

I’m getting soft, my blood it’s rushing she’s like no rushing

That’s push my pinches of

Out side the door and now we’re starves ‘cause we’re out the hands

His cousin...need to told her that his out with friends

She’s on the bottom floor; she’s open up the door

Look what she’s rocking on

…she tell him to calm down

He’s like no calm down, no take the …

I know this was a waist of time, we come and calm down

She’s like let’s talk for a minute

I don’t even know what you do

He said a hustle, she said what?

I don’t say what you knew

A text on the I-phone, ain’t even ready, she grab it and take it …

…babe I’m busted, do what you got to do

Do you mind if I shot the …

Ooh if I’m getting …

She love, he love, the fight …

In the dark was discover, …, they ain’t take no consequence

So they shot it, the lights went on a right …

Because that fell on the floor just having the …cousin

The good, bad, the ugly

Always seems to bring you back

The good, bad, the ugly

True intentions always come back round, round

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