SWAY - Fit 4 A King

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Sway, Sway, Sway, Sway

It's the return of the Cyphaa,

Anybody, Anywhere, Everybody, Everywhere,

Rise! I'm still reporting live,

From the United Kingdom,

Still tryna reach for the skys,

I'm a touch it before I reach my demise,

It was written in stone that I came with a rise all the way,

From the United Kingdom,

I don't wanna harm anybody,

Just wanna get in the rhythm of harmony,

Cause hes got God in his heart there's no blasphemy,

Sorry don't get in my path cause I will blast anybody that,

Attempts to stop me, Attempts to block me,

Attempts to rob me, Attempts to copy,

And I can not be tempted by the devil,

I'll bring it down like rugby, go ask anybody, I'm back!

And alas, I'm puttin this UK back on the map,

By putting this dude Sway back on the track,

My words are weapons got my hands on the map,

And I'm at the forefront as for the back,

I'm puttin these goons straight back on attack,

When I wasn't around everybody tried to act like I ain't been doing this from way back,

Got the whole crowd screaming 'We want Sway back',

As for the demons they was way back,

I return for the fans, I return with the Fam,

And I turn with the world so I never turn mad,

Now it's my turn.

I'm the head of the pack and I'm leading the Monarchy,

Ahead of the pack, you hear there feet when they follow me,

The men at the back follow the men at the front,

Who follow me, follow me, follow me, follow me, follow me,

Were becoming these stars in Astrology,

I honour my stars and I solemnly swear,

If I'm not already the King I'm gonna be, gonne be, gonna be, gonna be,

King of the pack so I can act this brave,

The cards always dealt was a hand of Spades,

That I had to use to dig up the graves,

Let me explain, I lost weight,

When I lost way too many peeps I love,

She worked the casino and pieced my heart together,

But when I put my cards on the table,

I lost my Queen of Clubs,

Sleep in peace my love,

We never know when It's gonna be time up,

We never know when It's gonna be time out,

So I put time in to the things I love,

The heights of the mountains that we climb up,

Still really enough to see high up,

And even though we never understand his plan,

No the devil will never ever defeat my guard,

Will the brothers live forever with a pea size squad,

Were never shy of a challenge,

Line up the cannons,

Unload the cannon balls, go to the Palace.

There are many people born into this world,

Many will be forgotten, And few will be remembered.

Welcome to the Signiture LP,

People from all over the world will gather to witness the return of the King,

This is his mark,

This is his seal,

This is his stamp,

This is his oppression,

This is his Signiture,

The Signiture LP.

Welcome back to my electric circus,

Served the words when I'm rejecting cirplus,

Step on the set the other sets get nervous,

I'm steppin up next and every step gets further,

Don't let the turbulence disturb ya, As I take flight,

Take off, disturb the Earth,

Could never take my,

Place as I tear the serpents, then I take the mic,

And it's curtains for them,

Second place is the only thing certain for them,

I'm straight number one, not a curve, not a bend,

Top of the bill at every single urban event,

Cause I'm on a bill it's my turn on again,

I wanna be humble but it hurts to pretend,

I'm First in the end, first to defend,

The throne, There's not another rapper in my zone,

I've looked high and low, I was searching for them,

The Truths black and white, and the skies are grey,

Everyone sees red when they decide to spray,

In a place where they move that burn or yay,

With no green light at any time of day,

The futures bright, I said the futures orange,

For every other circle, and it's like the colour purple,

Is all about race, no time for yellow, any turtles,

Roses are red and violets are lights in the club,

Red verse blue that's fights in the club,

Violent thugs, the hype and the guns,

The women in the thongs, the life and the drugs,

The mic in the plugs, the move to the desk,

The bullet proof Sway, that levels the S,

The crowd at the shows, the foes and the rest,

No, I ain't gonna rest til they know I'm the best,

So now your listening to the soundtrack to a tainted victory,

The same words that bought him the bright lights and the fame,

Now craft an obituary for his guardian angels,

You'll hear the harmony that they sing,

And the orchestra play a fanfare that marks the return of the King.

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