SWAY - Blow The Whistle (Freestyle)

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I'm going in (he's going in)

I'm going in (we're going in)

I'm about to put some of these rappers in the bin, only joking.

Post world cup,

I think it's time

I wake the whole world up (hello)

Across the internet

I'm no Joe Blogs

But you can leave a post

And let me your know your thoughts

Everybody Sways back game on

Got my act together

Look black James Bond (yes)

I know I can't sing

But if N-Dubz pencilled me in for a lesson I'd be the black James Blunt

Yeah black shades on,

Going across the pond

To bring it back Jay Sean

'Cause I'm in Miami bitch

Looking through international rap

But the section only had Drake Songs

I straight chase blondes

Call me Hudson forever

Cause the face stays young,

Hung like Parliament

More chicks than dixy

They looking like a bunch

Of Pixie Lotts blame Akon

Blow The Whistle,

Blow The whistle,

Sway says Blow The Whistle

It's all about Dcypha

What happened to the guitar bands?

They just disappeared like Tarzan

Left the lane clear for Urban and Dance fans

And now rappers are blowing up like brass bands (yeah)

A big look we worked hard man

But I'm a Bigfoot beast,

I need half man

A bad boy like Skepta,

With a Tinie Tempah

If you ain't got the balls to tackle me then pass man (pass out)

Dizzee's got hit's coming out of his arse man.

The Dirty Stank must follow him to the loo

Like are you gonna do a number 1 or number 2?

Whatever he's eating s$%t

I wanna eat too

But I take my Tinchy Stydes (strides) and...

I never tag along and I've been around Scars like my name's Savalon

And I'm tryna play it cool

'till my picture is in the sun

Like Taio Cruz

It's hard with this leather jacket on

(Ahh get it off)

I'm like Roll Deep

People have heard of me

But they don't know

What I look like, surgery

My album is Flawless

If I don't get a mercury

Then I'm a flip

Like the little kid in Diversity

Blow The Whistle,

Blow The whistle,

Sway says Blow The Whistle

It's all about Dcypha

Promoters they know what's up

If you ain't hollered at Coda

Then I ain't showing up know

'Cause I when I do gigs

I want it packed like Giggs

All the cats dragged in

By two, Noah's Arch

Gonna baff them like a Bafta

When I got up the charts like

4321 Noel Clarke like

Sway was a Blur

They kept me out like Park Life

Wireless I'll catch them

At the park where they can't hide (Hyde).

Wanna act like I'm forgotten?

Without the arms I rob them

I turn them into Fugatives

And make Example's of them (yes)

Then I killed the Devlin me (devil in me) (haha)

I'm ready to switch to Plan B

Turn into Professor Green

And take samples of them (Swah)

Sway Abuze T and some cargo bottoms

I'm looking Bonkers in the Van

Throwing almonds (Armand Van) on them

I'm like go nuts

And I ain't stopping

Till the venues are field (filled) so much

They put farmers on them

I'm Jonathan Ross

I talk to all the world

My team Pop Bottles (Pop A Bottle)

And pour it on the girls.

Ironik when I started

Chippy (Chipmunk) was a Tiny Dancer

Now he's a grown up artist

And he's drawing on himself

Blow The Whistle,

Blow The whistle,

Sway says Blow The Whistle

It's all about Dcypha

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