Sway dasafo

Sway dasafo - Up Your Speed (Remix)

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Everybody always tell me that they love me man

Tryna get the money in my rubberbands

So I hold anotha weapon in my other hand

Cause sometime my weapon never wanna jam

I'm a driver yea, your a passenger

If it's record sales I'm international

I'm in united kingdom even africa

I got the billboard looking like a massacre

They passin ya, the ladies love me damn

If they be Sway then take that his way

See the watch and chains like a soccer game

See how I ball and all ask to kick it

The bottom is the spot where we don't stay

You wanna race to the top with me no way

They be like he know Sway, they be like he don't play

I keep a bag full of chips the frito lay


It's the return of the Sway, you ain't heard of the Sway

Your profile views I could earn in a day

I put up perform then I'm burning away

Make rappers look small like ferba away

I maybe in the game like fatman scoop

Plus I got a flow tighter than the batman suit

Ain't gotta brick spit this shit it's slick

So the ladies will always try ta earn to stay

From the morning I wanted to be a millionaire

Never thought it would be me and chamillionaire

Never run up in yo city like mayors

Where yo chick somethin silly like layers (ya scared)

Wanna up your speed beats bangin in the truck

5000 db's my numba give a

The otha emcee's will try ta keep up with the jones's

Well we keep the jones's up

You better up your speed, up your g's

Up your euro's, my custome breeze

Cousin what you mean


Up your bling hunned thoused dollar watch up your sleeve

Ya better believe so pump your brakes

I keep the thing that interrupt yo face

I'm a put you in a trunk pump mo bass

Through the speakers so I can interrupt yo face

[Chorus: Sway]

England scotland up your speed, ireland wales up your speed

Houston austin up your speed, dallas aswell change gear

You wanna make your cities up your speed

All around the world up your speeds

Please d d d d d don't kill anybody


I'm makin anotha fittin to the league I'm down

I'm deep underground, I'm feet underground

Got a 2nd lp comin out I'm a king who sir

Come from all the peeps come around

In the benzka round the benz

Myspace but I'm up thousands of friends

The next time you drop they'll be down in the thames

Now that's the sound of revenge

I'm a lord an the rappers tryna hurry up

Going nowhere fast coause your times already up

I took the vroom and ya got blown away

My only choice was to blow you guys ya really suck

Gettin paid and I put the hate into fact

Stack stack stack stack it up

The jokers got me laughing all the way to the bank

And they so slow they couldn't even catch a cold



We finna roll right through

They rap so they say I wanna blow like you (wanna blow like who)

Blow like you watch ya'll move slow through the door like screw

I don't make enough then I don't have to party

I'm winnin the race the whole class applaude me

They say money talks so my cash is talkin

Gotta love me now but I'm mad in charge

Car I'm starting is an aston martin

I'm pullin my green out like I'm at a garden

Throw it in the crowd they all yellin loud

See the traffic jam that my cash is starting

In the evening and in the morning

Gotta grind all time yea that's important

But when I talk the whole globe will listen

Cause they know my visions way past recordin


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