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Sway dasafo - This is my Promo

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Yeah. Mic check one, two. OK. Sway. This is my Promo vol. 1. What they saying?

Sway not serious. Some comedian rapper. What is it, some backpack rapper. What is it.

Read between the lines love. Read between the lines bruv. You know how we do. Lets go.

(verse 1)

Good morning sir, good afternoon,

and good evening all, how do you do?

You don't know me by now,

follow me to tomorrow where now you do,

long time no see Great Britain,

even though I been here all along,

I aint gonna be here for long,

but thats a long story just hear what I'm on,

I'm caught up in the midst of all the confuuusion,

I can't tell ****************** an illuuuusion,

Well I gotta keep it moooving,

While they try and figure out what I'm about,

They see a comeeedian with lyrics,

or just another iiidiot with gimmicks,

I'm just a chameeeleon that mimicks,

everything around me,

while the crowds are surrounding me,

cos I'm hot right now,

three steps away from the spotlight now,

and I'm scared, but I'm prepared,

it's weird, I can't stop right now,

Theres no time to follow the hype,

rappers who is wanna follow me why?,

just to say that you're better than me,


They're saying I'm insane,

stupid and I'm strange,

while I'm loading up my brain bang,

bullet, checkacheck it out now BANG!

Shooting out my pain,

my pleasures and my fears,

my treasures ************

************ inside your ears

I bin rappin in the darkness and ****** for years,

waitin on a record deal **********************,

over the years, the lyrics just appeared,

but the money wasn't there so the drive disappeared,

then a voice said listen up and its clear,

you aint gonna get nowhere sittin there,

then I said yeah, *******************

Til I started to hustle like ************

From studio to studio on foot, on bus,

on a tube, on a train, they look, they cuss,

excess is on my brain, and I'm all charged up like blanker,

I'm coming in the game ************,

even if I have to bust on my own like a wanker<br />

<br />

Thanks to razvan

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