Sway dasafo

Sway dasafo - Pepsi

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(Whole song is a piss-take of J-Kwons 'Tipsy')


(Voice from the original)

Teen drinking is very bad!


But I'm 21 though!

(verse 1)

One, here comes the two to the three to the four,

I rolled up to this house party guess what I saw?

Everybody throwing up on the dance floor,

if you can't hold your liquor why you drinking liquor for?

Drunk slapper telling me that I should dance more,

she's speaking English like she's got a foriegn passport,

I don't understand what you're saying drunk whore,

you need to stand back cos your breath is hardcore!

Here comes the three to the two to the eight,

I'm rapping over trash cans and a dodgy bass,

a little alizé and I'm rapping like mace,

if homeboy tripping I think he should tie his lace,

I don't drink beer cos I don't like the taste,

I'm a lightweight supermalt by the case,

I'm getting pissed off cos the junkies in the place,

Keep asking me for drugs, is it because of my race?

(chorus x2)


Everybody in the club getting tipsy!

Everybody in the club getting tipsy!


No! Everybody in the club drink Pepsi!

Everybody in the club drink Pepsi!

(verse 2)

So two, here comes the three to the four to the five,

more girls coming now the place is getting live,

DJ scratching like he's getting rid of lice,

I'm going upstairs just to see what I can find,

a couple of uni students in the bathroom getting high,

they aint writing essays but they keep on doing lines,

some girls getting duracelled by six guys,

theres people outside I think you should shut the blinds!

Here comes the four to the three to the two,

my bladder getting heavy gotta take it to the loo,

when I got there what I saw wasn't nice,

somebodies been tossing and they wasn't throwing dice,

disturbed by the sight so I headed back down,

I'm trying to tell this DJ that I rap now,

I gave him the wackest track that I've ever done,

as soon as he put it on everybody sat down

(chorus x2)<br />

<br />

Thanks to razvan

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