Sunset Sons

Sunset Sons - September Song (February Edition) lyrics

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Waitin’ for emotion startin’ again

Beginin’ aings, the easy way in

They try to find a skinny, cammy, camy way in

You can beat as they on, together the leaf


Hang on, it’s not over, we can find a little time just to be

Hang on, it’s not over, just take a little moment to breath

Hang on, it’s not over x 2


Lookin’ to the mirror to find the way out

From the crowd to keep you, tryin’ without

Try to keep your face out of the light

Spend the days, ackin’ for nights

Find it and figure out where you can start

Maybe take a good look in your heart

Time to make a call, make a telephone ring

I’ve been waitin’ for what we can say


I remember the day or remember the days


I remember the day or remember the days x 2

I remember the day do you remember the days

Cuz I remember the day, I remember the days

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