Sunny Valentine

Sunny Valentine - F U Pay

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Ridin 2 the hood yeah i got that good in the back of the lac

and this fuck u pay me A hot 16 if u know what i mean just

holla at my guys know me fuc u pay me 2 my hoes in the club

if they ain't showing luv put your finger in his face and tell him

fuc u pay me if u all about them dollas then let me hear u

holla candy paint the impala nigga fuc u pay me

[Yung Joc:]

they call me laffy taffy this ain't no bubble gum

im a real nigga and this a trap song if your girl

choose let her do her thing said that on another song

and ain't shit change when u peep the swag tell me

what u see grade A hustler certified G and yeah i jock

get's all the honey's playboy bunnies murda mummies

those the ones that get the money yeah i know u c it

and if u choose the hate then pimpin so b it jock of all

trades a hundred and one different hustle just 2 get

paid i love your lady face so when tissle how i taste did

i strike a nerve oops my badd gone kick bac roll a bag

take a drag and if she show me love then pimp she ain't

yearn's oh what's your as nigga let it burn

what it do lil nigga im trynna get paid watch sunny hit the

set in his new escalade i got it made plasma screen in my

car and im jammin on some screw purple drink in my jar

M-16 fuc the law and them haters us NorthSide niggas roc

black like the raiders got pounds at my bitch crib always

counting stacks only i know where she live ain't no getting

jack at the club acting badd neva had a dad pouring out

liquor 4 my lil nigga chad fake fuc niggas get dealt with

quick damn sumethin stink sunny v he the shit commity

that's the click fuc u pay me we rich over the sky in

helicopters baby we rich i wish a nigga would yeah it's all

good i got gators in the pool in the middle of the hood

Brand new J's on my feet what these pussy niggas think

they know bout me mister itsy meige im cold wit a fever

my complex baby girl i might leave u with your eye contact

hit my sweet two times pass i puff thrax girl we some wise

guys me and jock on the trac sunny v he the sauce hit the

block just 2 floss got an 87 flee 7 coats xtra gloss lookin

mean on the scene so clean im a kill em it's a new epidemic

bird flu im a kill em wipe your feet on my floor mats im

talkin picture perfect moments made 4 kodak all that

bullshit gotta stop betta know that i bought a mini

14 as throwback U can hit me on my phone and if i

don't answer im probably some where stickin Dic in a dancer

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