Summer Fiction

Summer Fiction - Genevieve

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Genevieve I want you in my life

I get down on one knee

Ask you to be my wife

Genevieve I want you every day

Open your eyes and see

The words get in the way

You’re like a melody

A dead buchet

But I want you here with me

Don’t go away

Genevieve, slowly put down the knife

Don’t want that gun at me

My love don’t take my life


I’m walkin’ out the door

Just like I’ve threaten’ a thousand times before

I hear a symphony

Baby I’m too blind to see

Won’t go away

It gets so boring when you’re not here

Your stars burst in the sky above you

I’m sticking with you

Right of wrong day

You are the only one I love

Genevieve, fall off the floor

Much as the people pass

Down on the street below

Genevieve you are my everything

Says when she takes her pill

She can’t feel anything

In her red blue and green

A faded grey

I lost you once in a dream

It’s a new day

Yeah I want you here with me

Your home to stay

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