Suckpuppet - 8th Sea

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Sail on my 8th sea

covered in dust and pcp

I want my fix and I want my shot

I want my tricks and I want my pot

I cry like a bitch when I'm sinking

and my mind's fuckin flooded stopped thinking

Yellow red blue green and orange

Colors colors I see none

I see black, black, BLACK

Am I dying or just crashing back down?

Smell the coffee smell the piss

smell the sea's forgetfulness

smell the salt smell the shit

smell the blood dripping out of the slit

Listening to the soothing sound of static

I'm sick of Pearl Jam and Snoop Dogg

I paste duct tape to my ears

and fill my mouth with cheap whiskey

I'm a dead man walking

I'm a dead man walking

I'm a dead motherfucker

Motherfucking dead

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